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"My family and I attended the NY Tamil Sangam's Deepavali celebrations tonight at the Adams school in Queens. We really en enjoyed wonderful music presentation by your troupe. Please accept our warm appreciations and thanks and convey the same to every one of your troupe members for making the event so delightful and joyful. You had carefully and greatly compiled & presented varieties of songs covering the years of 60s through present- "bests of the past and present" -and excelled in satisfying the audience of all ages. This is how a presentation to be !! From the beginning to end, I watched your Orchestra's wonderful team work and coordination. Yours' is a wonderful team, every single member is highly energized, enthusiastic and more talented. Your team is really a gift to our Community. I wish you all success."

"Our family has never been a concert like that before with movie song. My friend invited my family for the show. Everybody sang so well. I liked the song titled Hosanna. My sons played the song on youtube and Jersey Rythms sang exactly like the real version. You have a talented group. I was thanking God when I was sitting and listening for the beautiful voices God has given the group.Hosanna is the cry of praise or adoration shouted in recognition of the Messiahship of Jesus on his entry into Jerusalem, Hosanna! Blessed is the one who comes in the name of the Lord! It is used in the same way in Christian praise. Thank you so much for the entertainment. May God bless you abundantly."

"I have attended many light music concerts in sydney in the past 18 months and can say with conviction that there may be 'technically talented' singers but the energy and synergy of JR is unique. Keep it up and all the best for future concerts."

"We had a great time at your concert. It was a cool get-away from all the stress and tension from the uncertainty that is stemming out of the climaxing economic crisis! You guys were just amazing and hats off to your commitment to put your talent to use, to bring happiness to folks around you."

"I attended the show last Saturday, It was fantabulous, 100% entertainment. Your band rocks! I liked the entire show, my kids enjoyed all the Hindi songs.. From Dil Se, Jaane Tu, Sholay, Rock On, Partner etc..."

"Outstanding job.The back ground banner along with light effects have a nice effect. Your team did an outstanding job and it was an enjoyable event. Huge improvements in the quality. Keep up the good work with this great team."

"Thanks very much for entertaining us and it was a marvellous program. The choice of songs were superb and everyone enjoyed it. I have no hesitation is asserting that this is probably the best band in the US with absolute professionalism and perfection. We got good feedback from many of our members who expressed their happiness. Wishing you all the best in your musical endeavors.–God Bless"

"I not only saw a band on stage; I saw a group of spiritual people in harmony. Watching all of you was same as doing a prayer – I forgot myself for almost 3 hours"

"The performance was awesome. More than that, the on-stage discipline was nbelievable"

"I thoroughly enjoyed the show. Wonderful planning. You may circulate this mail to all your team members and convey my personal "kudos" to each one of them. Wishing you all a great musical journey in the years to come. Your musically Ramani"